Silkies and Showgirls

Updates are currently being done.  Pricing changes are occuring.  Please be patient while we update our website.  Thank you!

Silkies are a bantam breed that are known for their kind temperament, soft feathers and broodiness.  We consider them the "Poodle of the chicken world."  Silkies are easy to handle, and make great pets or 4H/FFA projects for your kids.

We do exhibit our Silkies, in both Sanctioned APA shows, as well as State and County Fairs. 

Silky prices 

Premium quality $5 per chick.

Production quality $3 per chick.


$10 per chick

Hatching Eggs

$12 for half dozen and $24 per dozen plus shipping. 

(No choice on Premium or Production quality)

Varieties offered

White Bearded

Blue/Black/Splash Bearded

Buff Non-Bearded

Black Bearded and Non-Bearded

Grey Bearded and Non-Bearded

Partridge Bearded and Non-Bearded

Showgirl in a variety of colors, hatchery choice